Nice quality, good fast service.
Excellent. Been ordering here for a couple of years now. Excellent customer service and tech support when needed. PCB's are great, being able to order parts kits saves so much time auditing my component draws. Couple this resource with MFOS or Yusynth site and your synth dreams can be realised. I highly recommend "Make: Analog Synthesizers: Make Electronic Sounds the Synth-DIY Way" as an introduction and supporting build info for the Noise Toaster... plus it is an excellent resource to have to hand.
Great value pcb's and good delivery time. Any news about 10 step sequencer PCB?
very good service and product
Great service, great people, great parts. A fantastic resource for DIY synth.
+ Excellent products - am building the MFOS VCO and the breakout PCBs are fantastic.

+ Excellent delivery times

- Website very frustrating! Every time I think I have all the parts I need for my project I realise there's something missing... now I need to order some pot mounting brackets and the postage is twice as much as the brackets. Please can you start listing all the components required for each project?

- The DIY Build Knowledge Base pages are great... but it seems the only way to navigate to them is via Google! All the links from the Soundtronics website lead to the wrong URL which gives a 404 error

Please invest a little more time on the website (which IS constantly improving) and you will be my favourite place on the web.
Excellent products,service and delivery times even across the ocean. I have the MFOS Ultimate and Expander on the workbench now and the sequencer is next. Will definitely be back for more modules in the future. Customer service has been top notch any time I’ve had any dealings with them.
Thanks to Soundtronics my modular system is getting out of control.
Super fast delivery and a great range of products.
I've had a couple of interactions with customer support, and all of my experiences have been very pleasing! And all of my orders have arrived without problems. Also big thanks for publishing your panel files for personal use. A valuable resource for DIYer that contributes to the good vibe with the site. Thanks!
Sterling service. Most highly recommended as a supplier of Ray's MFOS PCB's.
Also a one stop shop for "weirdo" capacitors. 10/10.
Can I send you my rats nest of an Ultimate board which has blown up to sort out....? (Ignore that rhetorical question unless your short of work hahaha.
Many thanks for a really fast service. I will be back. (Prob for another Ultimate PCB)
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