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Excellent products,service and delivery times even across the ocean. I have the MFOS Ultimate and Expander on the workbench now and the sequencer is next. Will definitely be back for more modules in the future. Customer service has been top notch any time I’ve had any dealings with them.
Thanks to Soundtronics my modular system is getting out of control.
Super fast delivery and a great range of products.
I've had a couple of interactions with customer support, and all of my experiences have been very pleasing! And all of my orders have arrived without problems. Also big thanks for publishing your panel files for personal use. A valuable resource for DIYer that contributes to the good vibe with the site. Thanks!
Sterling service. Most highly recommended as a supplier of Ray's MFOS PCB's.
Also a one stop shop for "weirdo" capacitors. 10/10.
Can I send you my rats nest of an Ultimate board which has blown up to sort out....? (Ignore that rhetorical question unless your short of work hahaha.
Many thanks for a really fast service. I will be back. (Prob for another Ultimate PCB)

Sorry to hear of the shortage which has come as a bit of a surprise as we have made improvements in this area to minimise the chances of this happening. You could have contacted us and we would sent out replacements without delay.
The only reason of my severe rating in the fact some components were missing in my MFOS WSG kit, i.e. 3 capacitors and four resistors. I am a bit disappointed by this, since otherwise everything was OK. Probably a rare mistake...
Cannot fault the friendly service I have received, I have now built a number of the modules now and found this to be a very easy and rewarding exercise, many thanks to Paul and his team for keeping the supply of MFOS products available during these difficult times, lastly keep up the very good work and good luck for the future
The parcel arrived already, everything's great, many thanks!
Great to know i can get MFOS products without the added pain of having to pay customs and post office handling charges .Always prompt and efficient service.
As an avid MFOS builder and fan you have all the components I need some of which other stockists don't have
Plus your deliver times are brilliant
Keep up the good work
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