MFOS Analogue Sequencer PCB

MFOS 16 Step Sequencer Analogue Board

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"Daisy Chaining" more Analog PCBs

Expanding your 16-channel analogue sequencer then you can drive more than one analog sequencer board from one digital board. This is accomplished by chaining the QA, QB, QC, and QD connections from the digital sequencer board to one or more additional analog sequencer boards. The illustration below shows this. Each additional analog PCB requires it's own set of coarse and fine pots and a new set of CV output jacks and portamento control. These are mounted on a panel and wired just like the original set of coarse/fine pots, CV out jacks and portamento pot.

The result is that you can now control separate modules with a synchronized 16 step sequence. You still only get 16 steps. Adding analog PCBs does not result in more steps. Adding more analog boards lets you do things like: have a 16 step sequence of chords (controlling separate VCOs) or control a VCF with one set of controls and some oscillators with the other set. You can imagine a ton of cool applications.

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