MFOS Sound Lab Mini Synth Mk II

A more advanced version of the original Sould Lab Mini Synth with extra features.


  • Two Musically Accurate VCOs With 1V/Octave Tracking
  • White Noise Generator
  • Audio Mixer With External Input
  • State Variable VCF Low-Pass & Band Pass Response
  • VCF Doubles As 1V/Oct Tracking Sine Wave Oscillator
  • VCF Has Multiple Modulation Options
  • VCA Has Multiple Modulation Options
  • LFO (Ramp, Saw, Tri and Square)
  • Two AD/AR Generators
  • Keyboard Control Inputs
  • VCOs and VCF Normalized To Keyboard CV Input
  • AD/AR Generators Normalized To Keyboard Gate Input
  • Patchable Sample And Hold
  • Two Repeat Gate Generators for AD/AR Generators
  • AD/AR Generators Normalized For S&H Triggering
£55.76 (£66.91 UK, incl VAT)
A bare PCB for the MFOS Sound Lab Mini-Synth MkII project. Features Two Musically Accurate VCOs With 1V/Octave Tracking White Noise...
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£141.72 (£170.06 UK, incl VAT)
At Soundtronics, we can offer everything you need to build your full MFOS analogue synth. Whether you need a single hard to find component or a fully...
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£49.00 (£58.80 UK, incl VAT)
A 1.6mm thick Sound Lab Mini Synth panel - 5U high, 10U wide (nominal 8.75 x 17.5") made from a semi-rigid plastic material laser...
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£41.58 (£49.90 UK, incl VAT)
A 5U high by 10U wide (222.25x444.5mm) 3mm thick high grade 5251 H22 aluminium back panel for use with our laser engraved front panel (see Related Products...
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£2.20 (£2.64 UK, incl VAT)
Draft Description, more information and detailed photos to follow. Introduction Our 3mm thick acrylic PCB holders are for use with our MFOS synth...
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