MFOS Sub-Commander Project

This circuit will not take the signal from your guitar, analyze it's frequency, generate a proportional control voltage and then control a multiple waveform oscillator so that you can make your guitar sound like a Moog synthesizer. What it does do is buffer your guitar's signal, create a pulse waveform (at the same frequency as the guitar) divide it's frequency in half (sub-octave generator) and generate a gate when you pluck a string so you can control the SUB-COMMANDER's AR generators. It permits you to mix the sub-octave, original signal and pulse signal and then route them through the SUB-COMMANDER's VCF and VCA. By doing this you can generate some very cool synthesizer-like sounds and effects for your electric guitar.

This is not to be compared with units that require a hex pickup and special processing to drive frequency to voltage convertors or MIDI controllers.


  • Generates sub-octave and pulse waveforms
  • Generates gate and trigger signals
  • VCF controlled by dedicated AD generator and LFO
  • VCA controlled by dedicated AD generator and LFO
  • Mix clean sound with filtered/modulated sound.
  • Auto-Wah, Warbling Wah, Tremolo, Pseudo-Ring Mod
  • Gives your guitar a bag of new tricks
  • Advanced project for advanced electronics hobbyists
£41.82 (£50.18 UK, incl VAT)
The MFOS Sub-Commander Guitar Synth buffers your guitar's signal, creates a pulse waveform (at the same frequency as the guitar) divides it's frequency in...
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Have the right skills, tools and test gear to build your own guitar sub-commander, then our kits of parts may be just what you need. As a minimum, you will...
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A 1.6mm thick MFOS Sub-Commander Guitar Synth front panel - 5U high, 4U wide (nominal 8.75 x 7") made from a semi-rigid plastic material laser...
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A 5U high by 4U wide (222.25x177.8mm) 3mm thick high grade 5251 H22 aluminium back panel for use with our laser engraved front panel (see Related Products...
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Draft Description, more information and detailed photos to follow. Introduction Our 3mm thick acrylic PCB holders are for use with our MFOS synth...
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A pack of 2 high quality 1/4" mono jack sockets that we use as standard on our MFOS range of synth modules. These sockets are the PCB...
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