MFOS Voltage Quantizer Module

The voltage quantizer takes an analogue voltage say from a sequencer and outputs the voltage in keyboard intervals


  • Converts continuous voltage input to discrete .0833 voltage steps.
  • Also provides whole step and fourths mode (.1666V and .3332V steps).
  • Low cost parts used in the A/D and D/A circuits.
  • Adds 12 tone (or whole or fourth tone) musical dimension to S&H outputs.
  • Eases sequencer set up by correcting notes to discrete steps.
  • Conversion time varies from sub millisecond to 1.26 millisecond (full count)
£20.16 (£24.19 incl VAT)
A bare PCB for the MFOS Voltage Quantizer that converts a varying voltage input into discrete chromatic scale steps and features: Converts...
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£22.38 (£26.86 incl VAT)
Have the right skills, tools and test gear to build your own modular synth, then our kits of parts may be just what you need. As a minimum, you will need to...
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£4.90 (£5.88 incl VAT)
A 1.6mm thick Voltage Quantizer front panel - 5U high, 1U wide (nominal 8.75 x 1.75") made from a semi-rigid plastic material laser engraved to give a hard...
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£4.16 (£4.99 incl VAT)
A 5U high by 1U wide (222.25x44.45mm) 3mm thick high grade 5251 H22 aluminium back panel for use with our laser engraved front panel (see Related Products...
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£1.50 (£1.80 incl VAT)
Draft Description, more information and detailed photos to follow. Introduction Our 3mm thick acrylic PCB holders are for use with our MFOS...
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£1.07 (£1.28 incl VAT)
A black aluminium-clad plastic knob with an attractive professional finish. The black anodised body is relieved by bright, diamond-cut features with a...
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£9.52 (£11.42 incl VAT)
A pack of 4 high quality 1/4" mono jack sockets that we use as standard on our MFOS range of synth modules. These sockets are the PCB...
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