MFOS Wall Wart Bipolar Power Supply Bare PCB

MFOS Wall Wart Bipolar Power Supply Bare PCB

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A bare PCB for the MFOS Wall Wart Bipolar Power Supply.

  • Excellent Sound Lab power supply.
  • Can use LM78XX/LM79XX or LM78LXX/LM79LXX regulators
  • Supports plenty of capacitance for a clean supply.
  • Convenient source of bipolar (+/-V) power from a wall wart (plug top power supply).
  • Low parts count.

Supplied without components or instructions, Soundtronics stock all components needed to build these modules as well as fully assembled and tested versions for those who prefer not to tackle the construction.

Check out our DIY Build Knowledge Base for supporting documentation and advice.

Tutorial for the construction of the MFOS Wall Wart Power Supply PCB.


We use PCB jigs to support our PCBs plus a component forming machine to bend the leads and then crop them ready for insertion into the PCB. We then place 20 or more resistors at a time into the PCB before soldering them from the top side of the PCB. Unless you also have similar equipment, you will need to take things a bit slower using whatever techniques you are comfortable with. If you need any specific advise with how to assemble PCBs, please post a question on our forum and we will try and assist.


  • You will need to be proficient at soldering small electronic components onto a PCB
  • You will need to be able to identify electronics components, their value and whether it matters which way around they are inserted. Generally, it does not matter which way around resistors, presets (although it will affect whether a clockwise rotation increases or decreases the setting), ceramic, polystyrene and non-polarised electrolytic capacitors are inserted. However, Diodes (incl LEDs), IC sockets + chips, 'normal' electrolytic caps, transistors do matter and failure to insert with the correct orientation is very likely to result in one or multiple component failures when power is applied.
  • You have all necessary components as defined in the MFOS technical instructions and / or the parts list from the Soundtronics kit of parts
  • You will need basic electronics assembly tools such as side cutters, snipe nose pliers and a soldering iron of 15-25W or a higher power if temperature controlled (soldering iron station)
  • You have access to the MFOS PCB layout schematics.

Special Notes:


Construction Sequence:

As per standard practice, it is best to assemble the PCB by inserting / soldering components in ascending height order.

Firstly - Resistors & Diodes

Then Voltage Regulators

... then Tantalums

... Then the large smoothing Electrolytic Caps

... Finished


Hi, I'm just starting out building a few components of a modular synth and realise I need a PSU but, as Ray himself points out on his website "I recommend that if you have not built power supplies before that you buy a pre-made unit rather than try to build one" ... can you supply a pre-built supply or recommend a suitable one? Initially I'd like to power 3 or 4 MFOS modular components. Cheers for the great site! Andy

Asked by Andy | 16/03/2017, 20:32 | 1 answer(s)
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This +/- 12V power supply is ideal for use with synth small racks or 'portable' sound generators. You will also need a 12V AC power adaptor... read more
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