MIDI Ultimate Cases and Hardware

Complete your MIDI Ultimate build with our solid hardwood case.
£73.60 (£88.32 incl VAT)
Designed for the MIDI Ultimate analogue synth, this beautifully crafted hardwood case is the quality finish your synth deserves. Manufactured in England...
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£6.47 (£7.76 incl VAT)
An ABS plastic box to contain the Soundtronics plug top bipolar power supply PCB. Used with the MIDI Ultimate synth as well as other small synth systems....
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£27.74 (£33.29 incl VAT)
A complete set of the coloured knobs needed for the MIDI Ultimate as can be seen in the photo above. We also offer a black anodised knob set (7212-174)....
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£58.17 (£69.80 incl VAT)
For the MIDI Ultimate, we offer a coloured knob set (7212-189) and this classic black anodised aluminium knob set. This set consists of: 49...
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£6.96 (£8.35 incl VAT)
A set of fixings used during the assembly of the MIDI Ultimate analogue synth into the Soundtronics hardwood enclosure with our front panels. Kit...
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