MIDI Ultimate Mega Kit

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By popular demand, a complete set of all the parts needed to build the MIDI Ultimate excluding the case. The case is available here.

This kit consists of

1090-080 12Vac 500mA Power  Supply Wall Wart UK Plug
7210-736 MIDI Ultimate 8x1y Jack Socket Panel PCB (20x)
7210-790 MIDI Ultimate MIDI Socket Panel PCB (20x)
7212-189 MIDI Ultimate K85 & Rean 19mm Knob Kit (50 pieces)
7212-201 Switchcraft 114BPC 1/4" (6.35mm) Panel Mount Stereo Jack Socket
7212-207 Pack of 7, Switchcraft 112APC 1/4" Panel Mount Mono Jack Socket
7212-318 5-Pin 180 Deg Vertical DIN PCB Socket
7215-074 MIDI Ultimate Synth Main Bare PCB
7215-083 Soundtronics Plug Top Bipolar PSU Bare PCB
7215-170 MIDI Ultimate Fixings Kit
7215-268 MIDI Ultimate VCO1, VCO2 & VCO 3 Electronics Kit
7215-269 MIDI Ultimate VCF Electronics Kit
7215-270 MIDI Ultimate Mixer Electronics Kit
7215-271 MIDI Ultimate VCA Electronics Kit
7215-272 MIDI Ultimate Echo Electronics Kit
7215-273 MIDI Ultimate Noise Electronics Kit
7215-274 MIDI Ultimate Headphone Amplifier Electronics Kit
7215-275 MIDI Ultimate LFO1, LFO2 Electronics Kit
7215-276 MIDI Ultimate ADSR1, ADSR2 Electronics Kit
7215-277 MIDI Ultimate S&H Electronics Kit
7215-278 MIDI Ultimate Repeat Gate Electronics Kit
7215-279 MIDI Ultimate MIDI Interface Electronics Kit
7215-283 Soundtronics Plug Top Bipolar PSU Electronics Parts Kit
7215-383 MIDI Ultimate Power Supply Housing
7215-385 MIDI Ultimate Rear Panel Assembly
7215-574 Soundtronics MIDI Ultimate Laser Engraved 5Ux10U Laminate Front Panel
7215-874 Soundtronics MIDI Ultimate 5Ux10U Aluminium Back Panel

As well as the complete kit above, we can supply in individual component packs or individual components depending on your needs.

Hi, I want to purchase the complete kit but with the Cliff set of knobs . Can I do this or do I have to order each item individually which would be a right pain . Thanks Max

Asked by Malcolm Room | 19/02/2019, 12:31 | 1 answer(s)

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