MIDI Ultimate PCBs


The MIDI Ultimate is based on a single main PCB 436 x 192mm that contains close to 700 components.

700 Components mounted on the MIDI Ultimate

As all pots and switches are mounted on the same PCB so the front panel layout is fixed. You could choose to hard wire the PCB to remotely mounted pots and switches but over 200 panel wires would be needed!

MIDI Ultimate PCB with Pots and Switches

The other PCBs needed are for the power supply and the rear jack / MIDI sockets.

£65.94 (£79.13 UK, incl VAT)
A double sided 436 x 192mm PCB for the MIDI Ultimate analogue synth. With close to 700 components including all pots and switches mounted on it, this is a...
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£2.79 (£3.35 UK, incl VAT)
The MIDI Ultimate has 8 jack sockets for signals in and out of the synth. The 7 mono and 1 stereo jack sockets mount direct to this board to which is also...
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£7.64 (£9.17 UK, incl VAT)
A bipolar power supply PCB used for the MIDI Ultimate but also suitable for other small synth builds with a maximum 150mA / rail when used with a 500mA...
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£1.51 (£1.81 UK, incl VAT)
The MIDI Ultimate has two MIDI sockets on the rear of the case. This PCB allows the MIDI DIN sockets to be easily fitted to the rear of the case along with...
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