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M²Synth Effect Modules

Effects are what we term modules that are used to change the characteristics of a sound source above what you would achieve from filters alone.

  • Noise + Sample & Hold 130 Perhaps not an effect as such but as it includes a sample & hold function, it is considered an effect. This module has multiple noise outputs each having a different filtered output. The sample & hold is triggered from its own internal clock which can be voltage controlled from an external control voltage
  • Phase Shifter 149 Technically a multi-stage all pass filter but configured with feedback to create the phasing effect
  • Ring Modulator 151 A popular effect where the output consists of the sum and difference of the two input signals (A&B). A further mode is where the output frequency is twice that of input A
  • VC Echo 160 An analogue echo effect where many of the properties of the echo are voltage controlled
  • Wave Folder 162 A popular effect used with mainly with triangle and sine wave where the peaks of the waveform can be folded back in on itself. Our wave folder also allows further manipulation of the resulting waveform by switching in/out parts of the waveform