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M²Synth Oscillator Modules

The voltage controlled oscillator is one of the essential core modules in your modular analogue synth. The M²Synth has a number of options for VCOs:

  • VCO 101 The main VCO with sync inputs and sub octave pulse outputs. Width 2U.
  • VCO 102 A quad VCO with preset chord intervals between the VCOs. Width 2U.
  • VCO 103 A mini version of the 101 without the sync and sub octave features Width 1U.
  • Voice 108 In addition to a VCO, other core functions including a VC LFO, filter, VCA, noise, ADSR etc. Width 4U.
  • VC LFO 105 A voltage controlled low frequency oscillator for use as a modulation source. Width 1U.