The all new Analog Modular Synth from Soundtronics

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Over the past year we've been hard at work in the Soundtronic's labs developing an all new modular synth. For now, here's a sneak peak of the M²Synth. Stay tuned for more posts as we prepare for its official launch. Also, you can follow us on Instagram

M2Synth Photo 1 

MIDI Ultimate Support Blog

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Please use this blog to post support questions for the MIDI Ultimate or just to say hi and how you are getting on with your build.

SynthFest 2018

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Soundtronics will be exhibiting at SynthFest 2018 in Sheffield on Saturday 6th October from 1030 to 1830. Come and visit our stand and have a play on our MFOS and YuSynth modulars. A new product we are very excited about is the Soundtronics MIDI Ultimate which is based on the MFOS original but with some significant re-design. The MIDI Ultimate will be a project in the Everyday Practical Electronics magazine starting in the February 2019 issue available from the 6th January.

Available to purchase on the day will be bare MFOS and YuSynth PCBs with show discounts.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Paul Cooper


MFOS VC Reverb Build Guide Added

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The last design from Ray Wilson before he sadly passed away. We have assembly instructions for when using our panel breakout PCBs. See the Build Guide here.

MFOS Noise Toaster Build Guide

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A complete assembly guide for the MFOS Noise Toaster using our breakout PCBs and our hardwood case. See the 'Build Guide' on the PCB set product page here.

MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate Build Guide Added

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MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate Build in our Hardwood Case

Using our panel breakout PCBs, it is now easier to build the MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate and will also fit into our hardwood 9U cases. Click on the 'Build Guide' tab on the 'Ultimate Breakout PCB Set' product.