MFOS VC Reverb Build Guide Added

by Andrew TradeWeb Support

The last design from Ray Wilson before he sadly passed away. We have assembly instructions for when using our panel breakout PCBs. See the Build Guide here.

MFOS Noise Toaster Build Guide

by Andrew TradeWeb Support

A complete assembly guide for the MFOS Noise Toaster using our breakout PCBs and our hardwood case. See the 'Build Guide' on the PCB set product page here.

MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate Build Guide Added

by Andrew TradeWeb Support

MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate Build in our Hardwood Case

Using our panel breakout PCBs, it is now easier to build the MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate and will also fit into our hardwood 9U cases. Click on the 'Build Guide' tab on the 'Ultimate Breakout PCB Set' product.