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Short Shaft Synth Pot 220k Lin

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At Soundtronics we stock a number of different types of potentiometer that are suitable for synths but not all are available from the same manufacturer. Taiwan Alpha and CTR pots are very similar in size, performance and quality and as such either can be used without issue. The main difference between CTR and Alpha is that the Alpha pots have a locating lug that most (all?) builders snap off using pliers, the CTR pots do not have this lug. CTR pots also have a lower power rating but again for synth module applications; this is also not of concern. A few of the Taiwan Alpha pots also have a fitted dust cover that increases the overall diameter and also have a slightly shorter shaft length.

This short shaft pot is suitable for use with small knobs such as found on compact Eurorack synth modules. The shaft on these is 5mm shorter than our standard range of CTR and Taiwan Alpha pots. It is not really suitable for our KM20 knobs but can be used with the smaller diameter KM15B and the KMK10.

Pots come with different tapers so be sure to select the correct one. We carry logarithmic (A taper), linear (B taper) and reverse log (C taper). A few of our synth modules also require stereo (2-gang) pots typically for audio level / volume control.

Unless otherwise specified, all pots have a 6mm diameter splined shaft that is suitable for use with our splined shaft knobs. Panel hole cutout size is 7mm.

We may from time to time due to supply difficulties, substitute CTR for Taiwan Alpha and vice versa. Please contact us before ordering if there is a particular manufacturer you need so we can check stocks. We actually use both brands of pots in our synth panels, even on the same panel and it is not possible to really tell the difference.

Except for the pots fitted with a dust cover, we also have a pot bracket that allows the use of the pots with our synth panel breakout PCBs

Brand CTR
Dimensions 17 x 16.5mm
Pitch 5mm
Tolerance 20%
Power rating 100mW linear, 50mW log.
Electrical rotation 300° ±5°

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