Soundtronics 5U Sloping Hardwood Synth Case 10U Wide

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Designed for the MIDI Ultimate analogue synth, this beautifully crafted hardwood case is the quality finish your synth deserves.

Manufactured in England by Soundtronics, these solid hardwood are available in African Walnut, American White Oak or Maple for a dark, medium or light wood colour respectively. We like the Walnut, it just seems to work so well with the black panels but the other timbers look fab as well.

The case are provided ready assembled, the end cheeks and front / rear rails are 20mm thick. The base is 3mm thick acrylic which is located into slots in the rails during assembly. The rails are rebated so as to recess the front panel. The front panel is screwed into place using our Torx head screws but we do recommend drilling a 1.5mm pilot hole first.

The base plate has a cut-out to take the boxed Soundtronics plug top power supply. The rear of the case is routed out to accept the 2 MIDI sockets and the 8 jack sockets needed for the MIDI Ultimate.

The cases are supplied ready sealed with Teak oil which also provides a degree of UV protection.

Want to make your own case, the construction drawings can be found under the 'Downloads' tab.

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Midi Ultimate base Drawing (Fig_87_Base_Board_Drawing.pdf, 110 Kb) [Download]

MIDI Ultimate Left Cheek Drawing (Fig_85_Left_Cheek_Drawing.pdf, 132 Kb) [Download]

Midi Ultimate Rail Drawing (Fig_86_Rear_Rail_Drawing.pdf, 200 Kb) [Download]

Midi Ultimate Iso View of Case (Fig_84_Iso_view_of_case.pdf, 1,543 Kb) [Download]

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