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Soundtronics Analogue Synth

To compliment our MFOS and YuSunth analogue synth modules, Soundtronics will be introducing its own in-house designed synth modules. This will be a gradual process with each of our modules being designed to work with both MFOS and YuSynth modules - mix and match.

Modules will frequently use the new AS chips that are re-manufactured versions of the CEM chips that featured so strongly in numerous commercial synths in the 80's.

Unlike the MFOS and YuSynth product ranges which have their own websites, we provide all necessary build information for the Soundtronics modules.

Each module is made up of various products so you can choose which are most appropriate for your build. Supporting information can be found in the relevant product pages as images and PDFs. The images can be viwed by clicking on the respective thumbnail, the PDFs can be found under the 'Downloads' tab. This allows those who prefer to produce some or all of their own parts rather than purchase ready made. Permission for this is granted for personal use only, commercial use is not permitted unless prior permission has been granted by Soundtronics in writing.


  • Circuit schematic: PCB 'Downloads' tab
  • Build guide and how it works: PCB 'Build Guide' tab
  • PCB Layout: PCB 'Downloads' tab
  • Front panel layout: Front Panel 'Downloads' tab
  • Back Panel drilling layout: Back Panel 'Downloads' tab
  • PCB Holder layout: PCB Holder thumbnail
  • Parts list: PCB main description