YuSynth Boolean Logic Module

This module provides very useful boolean logic function such as two logical AND gates that can be combined into a single three inputs AND gate; a logical OR gate and a simple NOT gate.

This utility module is very handy module in order to combine GATE signals to trigger conditional event. For example it can be used to combine the GATE signals from various sequencers.

Yves designed this module with discrete component only. He could have used CMOS logical ICs but thought it would be more fun to use transistors and diodes only ! Maybe a weird conception of having fun. Never mind... Anyway, each input is fed to a schmitt trigger. Therefore, one can also input analogue signals instead of pure GATE signal. In such a case, the negative part of the signal is ignored and considered as LOW, and as soon as the signal gets higher than 2V then it is considered as HIGH.

Here are the truth tables of this module : for the inputs, low means voltage lower than 2V and high voltage higher than 2V and for the outputs LOW means 0V and HIGH 10V (or 5V depending on the zener option, see notes in the part list)

Logical AND (two inputs) Logical OR
low low  LOW
high low LOW
low high LOW
high high HIGH
low low  LOW
high low HIGH
low high HIGH
high high HIGH

We all have our preferences when it comes to building our modular synth so we offer a range of products* for the build:

  • PCB
  • Individual components
  • Kit of parts (excluding PCB, knobs and connectors)
  • Knobs (Cliff KM20B)
  • Jack sockets
  • Power connectors
  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel
  • PCB Holder
  • PCB Holder Brackets
  • Panel PCBs
  • Wiring Leads

*Not all products are available at the time of writing but are in development

For the latest build information, we recommend visiting the YuSynth website at http://www.yusynth.net/Modular/index_en.html

However, we also include this build information in our product pages plus additional details relating to the complete module assembly using our front panel solution as they are developed.