YuSynth Comparators Module

This COMPARATORS module is very useful utility module to create GATE signal and pulses from another source of signal. It can be used either to process modulation CVs or audio signal (though it's not a GATE extractor as it can be found with envelope followers).  Basically, one connects a modulation source (LFO output, noise generator...) to INPUT A. As long as the input voltage is smaller than the voltage threshold set by the potentiometer THRESHOLD A (over a -8V to +8V range), the GATE OUT remains low (0V) and as long as the input voltage is higher than the threshold then GATE OUT is high (5V) and the LED is lit. There are two other outputs called ON TRIG and OFF TRIG. At these outputs, 2ms pulses are triggered each and everytime that the input voltage crosses the trheshold voltage. A 2ms pulse will be appear at ON TRIG when the input voltage becomes higher than the threshold, a 2ms pulse will be appear at OFF TRIG when the input voltage becomes smaller than the threshold.

The second COMPARATOR submodule has one more input : CV threshold. This CV makes it possible to control the threshold level with an external module. When no jack is inserted in the CV input, the CV THRESHOLD B acts the same as in the section A but over a range of 0V to +8V

We all have our preferences when it comes to building our modular synth so we offer a range of products* for the build:

  • PCB
  • Individual components
  • Kit of parts (excluding PCB, knobs and connectors)
  • Knobs (Cliff KM20B)
  • Jack sockets
  • Power connectors
  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel
  • PCB Holder
  • PCB Holder Brackets
  • Panel PCBs
  • Wiring Leads

*Not all products are available at the time of writing but are in development

For the latest build information, we recommend visiting the YuSynth website at http://www.yusynth.net/Modular/index_en.html

However, we also include this build information in our product pages plus additional details relating to the complete module assembly using our front panel solution as they are developed.

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YuSynth Size 4 PCB Holder
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