YuSynth Diode VCF Discrete Module

Well, here is another classical and very special filter based on the EMS diode ladder filter!
This filter has a sound of its own and is the signature of the classical Pink Floyd's song "On the run".

Yves Usson's aim here was to design a quite faithful copy of this mythic filter while using components that minimize the burden of selecting a great number of matched transistors. This is why he used transistor arrays (CA3046, CA3096). However, because the CA3096 has become a rare part and is now overpriced, he also designed a PCB with discrete trannies to replace it which is this version. As for all the other filters of his YUSYNTH project, he added an input and an output buffer to adapt this filter to the input and output levels of his modular system.
Yves also added an input for voltage control of the resonance : everything was there in the original module but was not made available, probably because of the limited size of the patch pin matrix of the AKS/VCS3...
Because, the YuSynth power supply standard is +15/-15V, also included is a power regulator IC (78L12) to convert +15V to +12V and a single transitor voltage regulator -15V to -9V (he wanted to use a 79L09 but changed my mind when he realized that this voltage regulator is quite a rare part and is difficult to source althouth we do stock them at Soundtronics!).

We all have our preferences when it comes to building our modular synth so we offer a range of products* for the build:

  • PCB
  • Individual components
  • Kit of parts (excluding PCB, knobs and connectors)
  • Knobs (Cliff KM20B)
  • Jack sockets
  • Power connectors
  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel
  • PCB Holder
  • PCB Holder Brackets
  • Panel PCBs
  • Wiring Leads

*Not all products are available at the time of writing but are in development

For the latest build information, we recommend visiting the YuSynth website at http://www.yusynth.net/Modular/index_en.html

However, we also include this build information in our product pages plus additional details relating to the complete module assembly using our front panel solution as they are developed.