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YuSynth Projects

Back in 2005, Yves Usson started out on his most ambitious project so far, not to say his "masterpiece". It is a huge Analogue Modular Synthesizer in the tradition of big Moog modulars - the YuSynth . The project is close to completion and Yves says "I must say that I am pretty pleased with the final result".

We are very fortunate at Soundtronics because Yves has agreed to allow us to produce the PCBs for all of the modules for this wonderful modular synth. A percentage of all PCB sales deservedly goes back to Yves.

We not only stock the 30+ PCBs but also all of the components, kits and front panels.

A photo of Yves Usson with the YuSynth synthesiser


YuSynth Analogue Synth