YuSynth Dual Gate Delay Module

This module has two separate units that can be triggered either by one single GATE signal or by two separate GATE signals. Each unit provides two output signals :

  • a delayed GATE signal (0-10V) with delay that can be set between 1ms and 1s;
  • a log rising control voltage (0-10V). 

This module is useful for building up complex cannon sequences, trigger delayed events or to drive a VCA for creating a delayed vibrato.

The output GATE signal is on only if the input GATE signal is still on. The output GATE signal returns to 0V as soon as the input is off.

The output SLEW signal starts rising when the input GATE signal is set, and stabilises at 10V. It returns to 0Vas soon as the input is off.

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A pack of 2, black aluminium-clad plastic knob with an attractive professional finish. The black anodised body is relieved by bright, diamond-cut features...
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A 5U high by 1U wide (222.25x44.45mm) 3mm thick high grade 5251 H22 aluminium back panel for use with our matching Dual Gate Delay laser...
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A 1.6mm thick YuSynth Dual Gate Delay front panel - 5U high, 1U wide (nominal 8.75 x 1.75") made from a semi-rigid...
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YuSynth Dual Gate Delay Introduction A bare double sided PCB 100x48mm (no need for the wire jumper links shown on the PCB layout) for the...
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Our 3mm thick acrylic size 4 PCB holders are for use with the following YuSynth PCBs: YuSynth VCA YuSynth ADSR YuSynth S&H YuSynth Audio...
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