YuSynth S&H Module Bare Electronics Parts Kit

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Have the right skills, tools and test gear to build your own modular synth, then our kits of parts may be just what you need. As a minimum, you will need to be able to identify electronic components, recognise when they need to be correctly orientated, to be able to use a small soldering iron and finally have access to test equipment. Some modules do not require the use of test equipment but any requirement will be in the 'Setting and Trimming' notes.

The kits include all required electronics components as well as pots & switches. The PCB, connectors and knobs are not included but available from Soundtronics as an option. Our, front panel + matching back panel* really finish off the module in a truly professional way. If you purchase the PCB and components through Soundtronics, then we will also support you with technical assistance just in case you get into any build difficulties.

We only source quality components and we even include the more expensive turned pin IC sockets as we feel the product justifies the extra cost both for reliability and serviceability. Our optional 1/4" jack sockets are by Switchcraft, yes you can save money by buying cheaper sockets hence us offering it as an option because we recognise they are a significant cost. We have standardised on Cliff KM20 knobs for all of our modules but again, as it's an option you can choose different knobs to suit your own preference. Finally, all components are available individually should you not need to purchase the whole kit.

*Coming soon

Components Kit Contents (excludes PCB, sockets and knobs)

Reference Part No. Description Qty
R1sh, R2sh 7163-007 10R 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 2
R10 7163-027 100R 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 1
R5, R6, R8, R15 7163-051 1k 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 4
R7, R12 7163-075 10k 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 2
R37 7163-083 22k 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 1
R3, R9, R11, R13 7163-099 100k 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 4
R4 7163-101 120k 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor 1
R14 7163-138 2M2 0.4W 1% Metal Film Resistor 1
SW 7212-250 SPDT Miniature Toggle Switch 1
U1 7212-331 Turned Pin 0.3 inch Dil IC Socket 8 Pin 1
U2 7212-332 Turned Pin 0.3 inch Dil IC Socket 14 Pin 1
Q1 7212-401 BC547C Diotec Bipolar NPN Transistor TO-92 1
Q5 7212-407 BF245C FET N-Channel Transistor 1
D1, D2, D3 7212-480 1N4148 Signal Diode 3
U2 7212-544 Quad Op-Amp BiFET TL074 1
U1 7212-580 Op-Amp LM741 1
C5 7212-718 Metallised Polyester Capacitor 100nF 1
C6 7212-723 Metallised Polyester Capacitor 680nF 1
C4 7212-740 1nF 5mm X7R Dielectric Radial Ceramic Capacitor 1
C19, C20, C22 7212-749 100nF 5mm X7R Dielectric Radial Ceramic Capacitor 3
C1sh, C2sh 7213-113 Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 22uF 35V 2
C3 7213-119 105 Deg Low Z Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 10uF 50V 1
LED1 7213-900 5mm Single Piece LED Panel Mounting Clip - Prominent 1
LED1 7213-903 5mm LED Yellow High Efficency 20mcd 1
P2 7300-070 Synth Pot 16mm 1M Log 1
P1 7300-150 Synth Pot 18mm 500k Reverse Log 1

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