YuSynth VCLFO V1 Module

The VC-LFO is an utility module whose goal is to generate slow rate periodic signal that can be used to control/modulate other modules.  The oscillating period can be varied from minutes to ms, that is from subaudio-range (0.01Hz) to low audio range (100Hz).
Yves Usson designed the VC-LFO that can be implemented into two variants. In fact these use the same PCB but some part of it is either used or not. This was lead by his choice of using single width DOTCOM panels for the VC-LFO. Unfortunately, all the features cannot be made accessible on a single width panel, that's why he made two versions of it, each of them giving access to different features.

VC-LFO1 has one FM input and four direct signal ouputs (SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE, SINEWAVE and SQUARE) and an inverted signal output that can be switched to the following signals : OFF, SINE, TRI, SAW, RAMP and  SQUARE). A toggle switch makes it possible to change the range : up 0.1Hz to 100Hz, down 0.01Hz to 10Hz.


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YuSynth VCLFO PCB Introduction A bare double sided through hole plated PCB (no need for the wire jumper links shown on the PCB layout)...
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A 1.6mm thick VC-LFO YuSynth Version 1 front panel - 5U high, 1U wide (nominal 8.75 x 1.75") made from a semi-rigid plastic material laser engraved to give...
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A 5U high by 1U wide (222.25x44.45mm) 3mm thick high grade 5251 H22 aluminium back panel for use with our matching VC-LFO Version 1 laser engraved...
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Our 3mm thick acrylic size 2 PCB holders are for use with the following YuSynth PCBs: YuSynth VCLFO1 YuSynth VCLFO2 YuSynth Noise + S&H...
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Replaced by our new  black anodised knob A black aluminium-clad plastic knob with an attractive professional finish. The black anodised body...
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A pack of 2, black aluminium-clad plastic knob with an attractive professional finish. The black anodised body is relieved by bright, diamond-cut features...
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A pack of 6 high quality 1/4" mono jack sockets that we use as standard on our MFOS range of synth modules. These sockets are the PCB...
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