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RIP Ray Wilson, MFOS

It is with great sadness that I report of the passing away of Ray Wilson of MFOS. After first being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer eight months ago, he fought a determined battle to defeat it.  Sadly, on July 21st he passed away at home with his family around him.

Whilst I had never met Ray, I felt I had known him for ages both through his work and our regular emailing. Just two weeks ago, Ray sent an email to say he wasn't in a position to send any more boards as he was in a "pretty bad shape and that breathing was at the top of his agenda". Yet despite this, he was still trying to find other ways of keeping us supplied with boards and in turn the community of DIY builders. This really shows what a true gentlemen he was.

For now, We do not know when we will be able to get more MFOS PCBs. Whilst Ray and I were discussing various long term options, no formal arrangement was put in place. We will continue supplying our kits and panels etc for the time being whilst we wait to see what Ray's wishes were for MFOS.

Our thoughts are with Ray's family and friends.

You can still contribute to Ray's medical expenses via his community support page.

Paul Cooper, Soundtronics

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