About the Voice 108


VCO Features:

  • 1 Volt / Octave CV
  • Coarse and fine VCO frequency controls
  • PWM control
  • CV control of VCO pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Sub-octave square wave output 1 octave below main frequency
  • Jacks for VCO Sine, Triangle, Saw and Pulse waveform outputs 

VCF Features:

  • 1 Volt / Octave CV
  • CV control of VCF cut-off, cross modulation and resonance
  • Controls for cut-off, resonance and cross modulation

VCA Features:

  • CV control of VCA level
  • Initial level control

LFO Features:

  • LFO waveforms square, saw, triangle & ramp
  • Level and rate controls 

Gate Pulse Generator:

  • Gate rate control

Mixer Features:

  • Six mixer level controls for VCO pulse, sub-octave, saw, triangle, sine + noise
  • Common voice output jack

ADSR Features:

  • Controls for Attack, Decay and Release envelope phases along with the Sustain level
  • Time range selection switch x1 / x10
  • Gate input for full ADSR output
  • Illuminated manual gate button
  • LED indicator of gate pulse
  • ADSR output level control


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc  (note: this module uses two power supply connectors for load sharing)
  • Supply current  J1: +68mA / -68mA, J2: +12/-26mA
  • Panel width: 4U
  • Waveform levels +/-5V
  • Main PCB dimensions 175.26 x 188.51mm
  • VCO frequency range without applied CV 20Hz to 13.6kHz
  • LFO frequency range 0.037Hz to 17Hz
  • Gate frequency range 0.038Hz to 9Hz



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