About the VCO 101



  • 4 waveforms outputs Pulse, Saw, Triangle & Sine
  • Sub Oscillator Square wave output that can be switched between 1 octave and 2 octaves below the main VCO outputs.
  • 1 Volt/Octave control voltage input
  • 1 Volt/Octave modulation input (FM) with potentiometer attenuator
  • AC Linear control voltage input with potentiometer attenuator 60Hz/Volt
  • Coarse and fine frequency potentiometer controls
  • Pulse output can be varied from around 5% to 95% pulse width with potentiometer
  • External pulse width modulation of pulse output with potentiometer attenuator
  • 3 types of sync input, soft, +ve and -ve.


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc
  • Supply current  +24mA / -20mA
  • Waveform levels +/-5V
  • PWM CV range 0-10V
  • Frequency range <10Hz to > 16kHz using coarse and fine frequency controls. <1Hz to > 60kHz with external CV applied
  • Main PCB dimensions 87.5x109mm

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