M²Synth +/-12V Power Supplies

Power supplies are one area that creates much concern for synth DIY'ers. Some solutions require large linear power supplies and construction methods involving mains power transformers and wiring.  From there, power requires distributing to each module sometimes creating mains hum, noise and interference. The M²Synth takes a different approach and uses a low-cost external switchmode power supply (brick). The output of the brick is a safe dc voltage of typically 15V that is plugged into the rear of a Pod.

 Each brick can power up to 4 Pods worth of modules (40 modules max) using a 'splitter' lead. Each Pod has an integral power distribution board that converts the 15V from the brick and generates multiple +/-12 supplies, one for each 1U socket.

Ready assembled power distribution PCBs ready for mounting into Pods. The PCB is mounted to a 3mm thick aluminium base plate with a 4mm thick insulator in-between. 

This arrangement provides excellent immunity to noise and hum and also reduces the possibility of any interaction between modules over the power supply lines. Some modules can create voltage dips on the supply lines and those dips can be heard from other modules that are supply voltage sensitive. 

The power distribution board uses heavy PCB tracks to reduce voltage drops and a ground plane to minimise circulating currents caused by differing common 0V voltages between Pods.

Power Distribution 182 Is a 10-way (10U) board that provides 10 channels of +/-12V each capable of delivering up to +/-85mA with a total load of +600mA / -400mA.

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Under construction  Overview   A crucial part of your synth is often over-looked - the power supply. We decided against following the norm of large...
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