M²Synth MU Format VCA 126 Kit

(£118.80 UK, incl VAT)
390 g
1-2 Weeks
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The VCA 126 is another of the core modules essential to an analogue synth. The signal amplitude (volume) can be altered by means of an external control voltage typically from an ADSR or VC LFO. This module has two independent VCA channels.


  • Controls for initial VCA amplitude for each channel
  • Switch selection between a linear or logarithmic response.


  • Supply voltage +/-15Vdc using the included inline voltage regulator
  • Supply current  +21mA / -21mA
  • Input signal level +/-5V
  • Gain CV -5V to +10V range
  • Main PCB dimensions 43.5x108mm

Kit contents

Each kit contains

  • Main PCB
  • Jack socket PCB
  • All electronics components, IC sockets and power socket
  • 100mm long Power lead 
  • Potentiometers, knobs, switches and jack sockets
  • Front panel assembly (faceplate and 3mm PCB holder)
  • Fixings
  • Fully assembled and boxed 15V in-line voltage regulator with MU and MOTM headers