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M²Synth Pod Power Supply & Distribution 182 Kit

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A crucial part of your synth is often over-looked - the power supply. We decided against following the norm of large linear power supplies with long cable looms etc. After significant R&D, we found the perfect solution for the M²Synth which is a hybrid design of both linear and switchmode technologies. The starting point is the 'power brick' which is rated at 15Vdc 4A and is quite capable of powering up to 4 Pods of around 40 typical modules. As the power brick only has a single output it can only feed 1 Pod direct, for systems with more than 1 Pod, a 1 into 4 splitter is used along with extension leads which in turn plug into the Pods.

Each Pod requires a power supply distribution 182 board which serves a number of purposes. Firstly it converts the 15Vdc input into +/-15Vdc (actually nearer +/-14.5V) using an on-board switch mode supply. Filters are used to remove the switching noise commonly associated with switch mode supplies. The +/-15Vdc is distributed to each of the 10 module power sockets where it is regulated down to +/-12Vdc. Having a bipolar regulator for every module socket offers a number of advantages of further attenuating noise and hum plus reducing any possible influence other modules may have. To explain this further, modules can often cause disturbances on its supply lines that can be heard by other modules that are sensitive to supply voltage fluctuations. The multiple +/-12V regulators help isolate modules from each other from this effect.


  • 10 module power sockets at 1U intervals
  • On-board fuse protection
  • 10 bipolar voltage regulators, one for each module power socket
  • Noise filters
  • Ground planes on PCB which are also connected to the POD chassis. When creating multiple POD systems, this helps keep all Pods very close to the same common 0V (ground) potential avoiding circulating currents and its associated audible noise / hum


  • Supply voltage +15Vdc
  • Supply current  Around 1A to 1.2A
  • Maximum load per channel +/-85mA
  • Maximum load per 182 board +600mA / -400mA
  • Main PCB dimensions 420 x 53mm

Kit contents

Each kit contains

  • Main PCB
  • Aluminium Chassis plate and insulator layer 
  • All electronics components and power sockets
  • Fixings