YuSynth Size 4 PCB Holder

YuSynth Size 4 PCB Holder

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Our 3mm thick acrylic size 4 PCB holders are for use with the following YuSynth PCBs:

  • YuSynth VCA
  • YuSynth ADSR
  • YuSynth S&H
  • YuSynth Audio CV Input Mixer
  • YuSynth Noise
  • YuSynth AutoBend
  • YuSynth Dual Gated Slew
  • YuSynth MinMax
  • YuSynth Dual Gate Delay
  • YuSynth Dual Pulse Delay
  • YuSynth Comparitors

The PCB holder is attached to the aluminium back panel with our Soundtronics 'L' brackets (unless otherwise stated) and the PCB attaches to the holder with a fixing screw set.


  • Allows the PCB to be sited in the optimal position independent of panel controls
  • Protects the rear of the PCB from accidental short circuits

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