M²Synth MU Format Noise + S&H 130 Kit

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Your synth cannot be complete until you have lots of noise otherwise how else are you going to create the sound of the sea crashing on the shore line or that rumble of thunder. The Noise + S&H module not only has noise sources but also a sample and hold function. The term sample and hold describes rather well what the S&H does.


  • White noise output containing a broad spectrum of all frequencies
  • Pink noise output which contains more lower frequencies and less higher frequencies (white noise filtered by a low pass filter -3dB/octave)
  • Red noise output which contains even more of the lower frequencies for a nice deep rumble (pink noise filtered by a low pass filter -3dB/octave)
  • Blue noise is brighter than white noise with more higher frequencies than lower frequencies (white noise filtered by a high pass filter +3dB/octave)
  • Purple noise output is brighter still and getting quite a thin sound with mostly high frequencies only (white noise filtered by a high pass filter +6dB/octave)
  • Sample and hold function which can take the white noise as its input or an externally applied signal
  • The sample rate for the sample and hold gate can be set using the sample rate control or from an external sample rate control voltage


  • Supply voltage +/-15Vdc using the included inline voltage regulator
  • Supply current  +40mA / -40mA
  • Input signal level +/-5V
  • Gate sample frequency rate 0.02Hz to over 110Hz
  • Main PCB dimensions 43.5x86.68mm
  • Socket PCB which also contains active circuits 42x110mm

Kit contents

Each kit contains

  • Main PCB
  • Jack socket PCB
  • All electronics components, IC sockets and power socket
  • 100mm long Power lead 
  • Potentiometers, knobs, switches and jack sockets
  • Front panel assembly (faceplate and 3mm PCB holder)
  • Fixings
  • Fully assembled and boxed 15V in-line voltage regulator with MU and MOTM headers

Assembly Guide (130_Noise_S_H.pdf, 228 Kb) [Download]

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