Soundtronics Right Angle Synth Pot 16mm 10k Log

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Identical to the standard Soundtronics synth pots but with one important difference, these pots have the legs formed to 90 degrees. This allows the pots to be mounted flat on a PCB like this:

 PCB Mounted Potentiometers

Pots come with different tapers so be sure to select the correct one. We carry logarithmic (A taper), linear (B taper) and reverse log (C taper). A few of our synth modules also require stereo (2-gang) pots typically for audio level / volume control.

Unless otherwise specified, all pots have a 6mm diameter splined shaft that is suitable for use with our splined shaft knobs. Panel hole cutout size is 7mm.

This products is a Soundtronics branded 10k Log potentiometer.

Pot Dimensions

Brand Soundtronics
Dimensions Length L: 20mm, A: 11.5mm
Pitch 5mm
Tolerance +/-20%
Power rating 125mW linear, 60mW log.
Electrical rotation 300° ±5°

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