Voltage Reference, 2.5-36V, Shunt Regulator, TI431CLP

Voltage Reference, 2.5-36V, Shunt Regulator, TL431CLP

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Adjustable Precision Regulator, Shunt Topology, 2.495 to 36V Output Voltage, 2% Initial Accuracy, 37V Series VREF Input Voltage, 1mA Series VREF Supply Current, 100mA Shunt Current, TO-92 Case, Low Output Noise, Sink-Current Capability, Sharp Turn On Characteristic.

At Soundtronics, we use these in our MIDI interfaces such as found in the MIDI Ultimate.

  • Typical output impedance of just 0.2Ω
  • Sharp turn on characteristic
  • Sink current capability is 1mA through to 100mA
  • Housed in a T0-92 package