AS3363 Three Channel VCA (Voltage Polarizer) 16-Pin DIP

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AS3363 contains three VCA blocks, which are intended for use in musical synthesizer applications (VCA blocks, voltage polarizer, multiplexers, morphing, ring modulators etc.). VCA1 and VCA2 implement function of controlling amplification and sign of output signal (voltage polarizing - changing sign and amplitude through “silence”). Additional control input controls attenuation of output current - thus realizing function of double multiplication input signal on two control signals. VCA3 block has additional feature – possibility of control/mixing
of two input signals.
Such solution gives vast opportunities in designing new synth solutions.


  • Three VCA blocks with a wide range of functions containing three 4-quadrant multipliers and 3 2-quadrant multipliers
  • Two linear controls for each VCA
  • Simple signal mixing
  • Can combine high impedance outputs
  • Provides high attenuation (-100 dB)
  • Simplifies multiplexer design
  • Low current consumption of 3 mA typ at ±12V

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AS3363 datasheet (7212-596-AS3363.pdf, 654 Kb) [Download]

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