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M²Synth Extender Pod with Intermediate Cheek

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General Overview

To house the M²Synth, we have our own 'Pod' system where you can make up larger systems (racks) by joining together multiple Pods. There are two main types of Pod with all types having capacity for up to 10U's worth of modules. The Base Pod can sit on a table and has integral rubber fit to stop it from sliding about when patching. The other main type is the Expansion Pod and while it can be used as is, it was designed to connect to the Base Pod or indeed another Expansion Pod when expanding vertically upwards.

Both the Base and the expansion Pods can be extended horizontally by means of Base Extender Pods and Expansion Extender Pods.

All Pods consist of a brushed stainless steel 'tray' to which are fitted module mounting rails and 8mm solid aluminium end cheeks.

The base Pods are fitted with a sub-frame that provides additional strength which is especially important when extending the system for mounting onto a keyboard stand.

7216-112 Features

7216-112 is a complete Expansion Extender Pod including one intermediate end cheek, module mounting rails and sub-frame and is supplied flat packed to keep shipping costs down otherwise it would be charge by volumetric weight by the carrier. Not included is the power distribution boardPod Couplers or a power brick.


  • Overall dimensions: length 463mm, depth 105mm and height 249mm
  • Weight 2.5kg
  • Maximum module depth 60mm with a reduced depth above the power distribution board. All M²Synth modules fit in comfortably of course but if using a third party module best to check first.


To extend an existing Expansion Pod, remove it from any other Pods and also remove 4U's worth of modules from the right hand end so as to gain access to the right cheek fixing screws. In place of the right cheek, fit the intermediate cheek supplied with the Extender Pod complete with Pod Coupler (not included). Take the previously removed right cheek and attach that to the Extender Pod. Attach the complete Extender Pod to the existing Pod. You can now replace the removed modules.