YuSynth Steiner VCF Module Bare PCB

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YuSynth Steiner VCF


A bare double sided through hole plated PCB (no need for the wire jumper links shown on the PCB layout) 100x75mm for the Yusynth Steiner VCF synth module. These PCBs are manufactured by Soundtronics with a percentage of the sale going to the creator of the YuSynth - Yves Usson. These are early days for the YuSynth Modular Synth at Soundtronics, our plan is to stock PCBs for all of the projects as well as components, kits and front panels. This is going to take time but will eventually be as comprehensive as our MFOS range.

No components are included with the PCB but check out our Synth Components section where you should find what you need. We do suggest visiting the YuSynth Steiner VCF project page for detailed information including Yves panel layouts but a summary is shown below.


The PCB is designed to use either two matched BC547C (Q1-Q2) or a single 2SC1583 dual transistor.

This is Yves Usson's latest take at the Steiner-Parker VCF, in which he tried to improve the design in order to correct some flaws of the original design : scratchy resonance potentiometer, untamed auto-oscillation.

As a matter of fact he introduced most of these modifications when he designed the Arturia's MiniBruteTM synthesizer. Yves wanted to provide a Seiner Parker filter with all its nice features and harsh sound while suppressing its chaotic behaviour.

The PCB can accept a choice of three types of power connector, it can be either a Synthesizers.com 6 pins MTA connector, a MOTM 4 pins MTA96 connector or a 10-pin Eurorack connector.
The module was designed to work with a +15V/0V/-15V PSU but can be used without modifications with a +12V/0V/-12V PSU.


Click on the schematic thumbnail above for the circuit diagram.



The wiring schematic image in the above thumbnails show the panel wiring to the pots and sockets etc.

Setting and Trimming

Set both trimmers to mid-range position.
Adjusting CV rejection (trimmer T2)

  1. Set the audio input potentiometer to 0.
  2. Set the cut-off potentiometer to mid-range
  3. Connect a square-wave signal (LFO or VCO) with a frequency of 50 Hz and a positive amplitude of 5V to CONTROL#1 input and set the CONTROL LEVEL#1 pot to maximum.
  4. Connect the output to an amplifier or an oscilloscope, then you must hear some low frequency sound or view some modulation on the scope.
  5. Adjust T2 in order to minimize the low frequency sound. If you cared to match the transistors and use matched resistors for R9 and R13, the minimum must be found close the mid-range position of T2.

Adjusting filter tracking (trimmer T1)

  1. Plug a CV/GATE keyboard or a scaled source of voltage in the V/OCT jack.
  2. Set the filter resonance in order to auto-oscillate.
  3. Adjust the 2k trimmer in order to obtain a V/octave tracking (octave increment for 1V increment). Don't expect a good tracking over more than two and half octave.

Parts List

The parts list below is direct from the YuSynth website. Please note that Yves has identifed some components with a *, these component values can be changed to suit your own particular requirements / preferences. The value in the parts list is the default value and may differ to that quoted in the schematic / PCB silk image.

The parts list excludes knobs although we have standardised on the Cliff KM20B but it does include 1/4" jack sockets. All parts are available individually (use the part number in the search box above) or as a components kit that excludes sockets and knobs.

Reference Value Part No. Qty
IC1 TL074 7212-544 1
Q1,Q2 BC547C (matched pair) or one 2SC1583 7212-492 1
1N4148 7212-480 10
R1,R2 10 7163-007 2
R30 82 7163-025 1
R28 220 7163-035 1
R10 390 7163-041 1
R11,R12,R15,R21 1K 7163-051 4
R9,R13 1.8K 7163-057 2
R29 3.9K 7163-065 1
R18* 8.2K 7163-073 1
R3*,R4*,R5*,R19* 10K (* adjust to obtain the desired input and output levels) 7163-075 4
R16 22K 7163-083 1
R6,R17,R26* 47K (* adjust for desired cut-off range) 7163-091 3
R27 150K 7163-103 1
R7,R8 180K 7163-105 2
R20,R22,R24*,R25*,R31* 220K (* selected for V/OCT scaling) 7163-107 5
R23 1M 7163-122 1
R14 2.2M 7163-138 1
C9,C10,C11 1.5nF matched set to 1%) 7212-790 1
C12 680nF or 1µF LCC cap (polyester) 7212-723 1
C5,C6 2.2µF 63V 7213-117 2
C1,C2,C3,C4,C14* 10µF 50V, in some it may be necessary to reduce to 1µF (in case of pronounced slew in the resonance tweaking) 7213-119 5
C7,C8,C13 47µF 35V 7213-114 3
T2 1K 1 turn trimmer 2000-524 1
T1 2K 1 turn trimmer 2000-525 1
P1 47K or 50K audio curve 7300-025 1
P2,P3,P4 47K or 50K linear curve 7300-250 3
P5 47K or 50K reverse audio curve (C or see note below) 7300-110 1
SW1 3P4T rotary switch : 3 circuits 4 positions (make before break) 1612-025 1
1/4" Jack Sockets Switchcraft pack of 5 7212-205 1

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Hang on its a wild ride... keep an eye on that axe Eugene as you dare to twist the resonance one notch more... then its Crazy Larry at the controls as your tweeters pop out and hit you in the eye, ear wax melts and drips on the deck
burning holes on your DAW consul or 88 note master keyboard. Hot stuff and not for anyone with an aversion to sonic submission smells.
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