About the 4-Ch Pan Mixer 137


  • 4-input channels
  • Stereo line and headphone outputs
  • Initial pan position for each channel
  • External panning CV with attenuator control
  • Master level control or external fade control voltage to set master level
  • Master level control voltage output that can be used as the fade input control voltage to a second mixer 137


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc (note: this module uses two power supply connectors for load sharing). For the MU version, use the included inline voltage regulator modules for +/-15V
  • Supply current: J1 +30mA / -30mA, J2 +36mA / -30mA
  • Input signal level +/-5V
  • 0-10V control voltages
  • Main PCB dimensions 175.26 x 151.424mm

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