About the Analog Sequencer 191


  • 3U wide 8-step analogue sequencer
  • Internal or external clock
  • Internal clock (tempo) from 3 BPM (0.05Hz) to 21,000 BPM (350Hz)
  • External clock from to >100khz (recommended < 50kHz)
  • Internal clock voltage controlled (tempo) range dependant on tempo pot position
    • Tempo 0%: 0V = 0.05Hz, 10V = 80Hz
    • Tempo = 50%: 0V = 1Hz, 10V = 1kHz (maximum)  
  • Clock output socket
  • Gate and trigger outputs, trigger pulse with 2mS.
  • Gate output adjustable from 5 to 95% using pot or external CV. External gate CV
    • With gate width control set to 0% (fully CW), external CV gives 5 to 95% for an CV of 0-10V
  • CV output with range switch 0-3V or 0-10V
  • Additional CV output with adjustable glide control (1 to 700mS)
  • Operates on +/-12V (M²Synth power header) or on +/-15V via integral MOTM and Dotcom headers (select voltage using on-board jumpers)


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc or +/-15V (jumpers J3 & J5 for +/-12V or J7 & J9 for +/-15V)
  • Supply current +22mA / -17mA
  • Main PCB dimensions 131.95x174.05mm

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