About the ADSR 120


  • Controls for Attack, Decay and Release envelope phases along with the Sustain level
  • Time range selection switch x1 / x10
  • Gate input for full ADSR output
  • Manual gate button
  • LED indicator of gate pulse
  • AR Trig input for full AR envelope from a trigger pulse
  • The AR Trig input can also be used for re-triggering the attack / decay phases whilst the gate input is active
  • Gate output for cascading ADSR modules. Gate pulse width equal to the attack, decay and sustain periods (just the attack period when in AR trig mode).


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc
  • Supply current  +20mA / -23mA
  • Output level 0-10V
  • Typical delay times
Short Time Mode      
  Min 50% Max
Attack 3mS 12mS 1S
Decay 6mS 35mS 3S
Release 7mS 40mS 3S
ADSR 16mS 90mS 7S
Long Time Mode      
  Min 50% Max
Attack 30mS 120mS 12S
Decay 60mS 350mS 25S
Release 70mS 400mS 30S
ADSR 160mS 900mS 57S


  • Main PCB dimensions 43.5x154.85mm

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