About the Noise + S&H 130



  • White noise output containing a broad spectrum of all frequencies
  • Pink noise output which contains more lower frequencies and less higher frequencies (white noise filtered by a low pass filter -3dB/octave)
  • Red noise output which contains even more of the lower frequencies for a nice deep rumble (pink noise filtered by a low pass filter -3dB/octave)
  • Blue noise is brighter than white noise with more higher frequencies than lower frequencies (white noise filtered by a high pass filter +3dB/octave)
  • Purple noise output is brighter still and getting quite a thin sound with mostly high frequencies only (white noise filtered by a high pass filter +6dB/octave)
  • Sample and hold function which can take the white noise as its input or an externally applied signal
  • The sample rate for the sample and hold gate can be set using the sample rate control or from an external sample rate control voltage


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc
  • Supply current +40mA / -40mA
  • Input signal level +/-5V
  • Gate sample frequency rate 0.02Hz to over 110Hz
  • Main PCB dimensions 43.5x86.68mm
  • Socket PCB which also contains active circuits 42x110mm


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